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Hello. My name is Cris Cimatu and I live in Baltimore, Maryland where many of my family are from. I graduated in 2010 from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration, Minor in Art History, and a Studio Concentration in Curatorial Studies. I have experience in advertising, promotions, graphic design, and curatorial/exhibition design. Click here for my full resume.


Below is/are my newest work/works and news about me. Below that are links to the rest of my site.

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Please click the image above to download my book BALTIMORE MORE MORE- a collection of true stories from the people of Baltimore which I compiled, edited, and illustrated.It is in a PDF format and can be read through Adobe Acrobat or Preview. It is free to download but I accept donations of whatever you would like to contribute. If you would like a printed version it is available through Lulu for $20.30. I hope you enjoy it!

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First 3 pieces for thesis- this weeks theme was "urban growth/decay". I decided to approach it from two different perspectives- how do we preserve areas we want...and how do we change those we don't. Here we have The Battle of Northpoint and modern day Ft. Howard now a national park- a preserved piece of history. I built a narrative with the imagery of past meets present.


This piece deals with the process of gentrification/urban blight. I felt the best way to approach this subject was by doing a piece that was about the emotional response that I have to the words associated with that process.


A piece about stoop cleaning


A portrait of some famous women from Baltimore: Billie Holiday, Anna Farris, Mildred Dunnock, Jada Pinkett Smith, Parker Posey, DJ K-Swift, and Nancy Pelosi- I exaggerated their features a little to create a kind of caricature

bethlehem steel

This piece is about Bethlehem Steel- a still mill which at it's peak employed about 35,000 Baltimoreans. They mill is now under new management and employs less than 8,000. My great uncle is a former employee- and there are very few people I know/knew growing up who didn't have a relative working at the mill.

This piece is a comment on the Chesapeake Bay and what our relationship is with it.

A couple of pieces about our Baltimore neighborhoods.


Tentative last piece for the semester- about William Donald Schaffer and the Inner Harbor


So there's the senior show hanging up right now in Brown Center. Here's a picture of it, this will give you a taste of what my commencement show will be like.

And this is a picture from the opening of the AIGA Baltimore program Create Don't Hate. My mentee Bernadette did an awesome design for the contest and it ended up getting picked! It's going to be made into a billboard here in B-more, update soon on where it will be.

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